Rafer Alston tells Miami Heat: STFU LOL, Miami replies: GTFO

The Miami Heat’s guard Rafer Alston has been suspended indefinitely after not showing up to the game against the Atlanta Hawks.

The Miami Heat posted a press release on their website, stating Alston’s only contact with the team has been through text messaging and has “made himself otherwise unavailable to the team.”

Rafer Alston’s been around the NBA block. Apart from a brief stint with the Heat in 2004, he also played for the Milwaukee Bucks, The Toronto Raptors (wait wait… Canada has an NBA team? Why wasn’t I told about this?), the Houston Rockets, the Orlando Magic, the New Jersey Nets, and then back with the Heat. (Now say that three times quickly and without taking a breath.)

ESPN reports that sources close to the situation say Alston is mulling retirement.

(Or he could resign with the Bucks.)


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