Best Picture of 2009

Showing some of the greatest baseball savvy anyone has seen in recent years, Johnny Damon stole 3rd base against a bewildered Phillies team who didn’t have anyone covering the bag due to the shift they had put on against Mark Texiera. The steal led to a run and the ensuing victory over the Phillies.

Honorable Metions, Best Pictures of 2009:

Larry Fitzgerald Catches the Football:
Anytime the Arizona Cardinal’s Fitzgerald touched the ball you knew something electric was going to happen. I’d say about 95% of his catches were spectacular and worth the Best Picture nomination…but maybe that just happened because Kurt Warner executed terrible judgment about throwing into double and triple coverage.

Penguins Win in Detroit:
The Pittsburgh Penguins stormed into Detroit and defeated the Red Wings on their home ice to win the Stanley Cup, silencing possibly the most annoying fanbase in all of hockey. Penguins, we salute you.

LeBron Being Dunked On:
During one of his training camps LeBron was dunked on by one of the attendees. This in and of itself is not being news, but when his agents, representatives, and puppet tracked down the tape to have evidence of any such thing ever happening destroyed, it became big news. And so it is one of the best pictures of 2009.

Some College Game We Were Supposed to Have Watched:
It was one of the most greatest displays of sportsmanship, determination, and love of sports seen in recent years. The heart with which these kids played was unbelievable and truly inspiring to all those who were watching. And as expected it came down to the last seconds of the last quarter and held all of America’s wrapt attention. Well, except mine. I didn’t see it. I was reading some book. My bad.

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