Top Executive / Coach of the Year: Brian Cashman, Rex Ryan, Urban Meyer

This year’s(sike!) award for Top Executive / Coach of the year goes to none other than Brett Favre. Thats right folk’s a Quarterback in the NFL who runs the organization he plays for as well as calling the plays he wants to run. Unheard of you say? Think again, Viking’s owner Zygi Wilf said “I saved a boatload of money by switching to #4, this guy does it all.” I thought Gieco was the way to go, but if you want to win football games and return your organization to the top, Brett Favre take a bow. Micro-management? a waste of time. Scouting? not necessary. An offensive coordinator? Why bother. The power of #4 defies all laws of physics and deserves to be looked upon in an Einstein changed the world sort of way. So Brett come on up and tell us how much you love your Wrangler(TM) jeans.

–A close second was Brian “Ka-ching” Cashman, who broke the bank and bought the Yankee’s #27, signings of marquee free agents C.C. Sabathia, Mark Texeria and A.J. Burnett highlighted his eventful offseason.

–Rex Ryan for return the Jets to respectability, but losing out due to the fact he didn’t know he still had a chance to make the playoffs after a late season loss.

–Stan Van Gundy for the X’s and O’s that dethroned the Celtics, but couldn’t stop Kobe. Once Kobe wants something he usually gets it, on or off the court.

–Last but not least, Urban Meyer for having a really cool first name and running a spread offense that no college defense can seem to stop. Urban’s gift is also making so-so quarterbacks look really good, ie. Alex Smith, Tim Tebow.

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