The Peoples' Champ, 2009: Manning, Jeter, Crosby, Bryant, etc.

Winner: Peyton Manning/QB/Indianapolis Colts

2009 should forever cement Peyton Manning’s legacy as a big-game quarterback and, perhaps, as the all-time the master of his position. Gone are the days when we would assume that Manning would choke in crucial games with victory nearly in hand. With the Colts’ recent victory on December 23, Manning and his team seem to be a virtual lock on securing a perfect regular season with only games against the underachieving Jets and woeful Buffalo Bills laying ahead. Surely, we can all assume that a victory in the Super Bowl is within an arms reach considering the relative instability amongst other perennial AFC favorites such as the Patriots, Chargers, and Ravens – never mind the fact that the New Orleans Saints, who as recently as October appeared to be invincible, have begun to show their inexperience and lack of killer instinct in loses to the likes of the Buccaneers. Bravo, Peyton, you are the MVP of the model franchise in the biggest sport in America. And for once, there ain’t no way they can take this away from you!

Honorable Mention Goes To…

Derek Jeter/SS/NY Yankees Because, as The Venuist is constantly reminded by all of his Yankee-fan friends, he’s Derek effing Jeter, that’s why.

Sidney Crosby/F/Pittsburgh Penguins Because he’s 2 Stanley Cup appearances and one NHL Championship at the ripe age of 23; let’s see him try to top those achievements in 2010!

Kobe Bryant/G/LA Lakers Because no one personifies class and sportsmanship like Kobe and because Paul Pierce wasn’t there to throw an elbow in his face a few times during the 2009 NBA Finals.

Sandra Bullock/Foster Mom Extraodinaire/ ‘The Blind Side’ Because no wealthy Caucasian woman has ever inspired impoverished, ostensibly-hopeless, inner city youth like Sandra can.

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