The Greatest Player of All Time, In 2009: Polamalu, LeBron, Ramirez

Position: Spokesperson
Team: Team LeBron
LeBron James may be the best basketball player of our time, but really, who is the cornerstone of Team LeBron? Puppet LeBron has been holding that team together since its inception, and though he may not be the strongest individual player in this category, he has given the most to his team. And for that we recognize him as the Greatest Player Ever In 2009.

Honorable Mentions, The Greatest Player Ever In 2009:

Manny Ramirez:
Position: DH with token attempts at outfielding
Team: LA Dodgers
Manny’s contribution to his team this year was actually not playing at all. By allowing the Dodgers to find out that they could make the playoffs without him, he instilled confidence and strength in his teammates without ever picking up a bat.

Nick Swisher:
Position: RF
Team: New York Yankees
That salute inspired a nation. And so did the haircut.

Kym Johnson (with Donny Osmond):
Position: Missionary
Team: Team Osmond
Dancing With the Stars Kym Johnson won her second DWTS Championship in November. Her first came in Season Two with Tom Williams, and this last one was with Donny Osmond. She is the only dance professional to have won two DWTS Championships, making her an undisputed Great Player of 2009.

Troy Polamalu:
Position: Everywhere
Team: Team Awesome

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