NFL Free Agency and Hot Topics

The Pepper has been stuffed with cash, cold, hard, guaranteed cash. Julius Peppers has agreed to terms on a deal with Da Bears for 40 million dollars over the first three years of the six-year deal. This should bolster the Bears defense tremendously along with Brian Urlacher coming back from his wrist injury. Da Bears also signed Chester Taylor as earlier reported by me, to complement Matt Forte in their backfield. New offensive coordinator Mike Martz plans to revamp their offensive attack this year and Chester Taylor’s pass catching ability will complement his schemes quite well.

Anquan Boldin was traded by the Arizona Cardinals to the Baltimore Ravens for third and fourth round draft picks. Q signed a 3 year extension with the Ravens, leaving him with 4 years and 28 million dollars left on his deal, 10 of which is guaranteed.

The New York Giants brought in released Cardinals safety Antrel Rolle for a little schmoozing and plan to put him through a physical Saturday, a deal could be announced early next week. The Giants need all the secondary help they can get and Rolle a safety with ball hawking ability would be a huge plus. Kyle Vanden Bosch signed a 4 year deal with the Detroit Lions effectively ending any significance he will have in the NFL.

Josh Cribbs of the Cleveland Browns reached an agreement with team to restructure the final 3 years of a 6 year contract he signed in 2007.

2 Responses to “NFL Free Agency and Hot Topics”
  1. Dee Schmidt says:

    What do you think about the Jets courting LT?

    Where do you think Eli will take the Giants in the upcoming season?

    • Queens Street Hooligan says:

      Thanks for the question. Well the Jets got LT after a quick courtship and a little competition from the Vikes. I personally think LT was a great signing, Norv Turner is a terrible coach in San Diego, he ruins football teams. The past three years the Chargers have been working away from a running game and into a passing attack. LT has never had the major injury that slows running backs, and he is stepping into a role in the NFL’s #1 rushing offense. I expect the Jets to get their monies worth.
      Now for Eli Manning and the Giants, I think the play calling of Kevin Gilbride is terrible and that limits everyone on the offense. No one in the organization sees this, and that pains me as a life long fan. Eli needs to work on completing short passes with accuracy to allow his receivers and backs a chance at some Yards After the Catch. This past year in the second game against the Cowboys Brandon Jacobs caught a swing pass and rumbled for a 70 yard TD. That was the first pass Eli has ever thrown in step with a back in his career. Poor Plaxico was the tallest receiver that ever had to jump for a WR screen pass. So for the upcoming season with the receivers being a little more aged and matured, I expect a 10-6 season from the Giants. Also, I’m sorry to see that the Giants let David Carr go to the 49ers, I see that biting us in the ass someday.

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