Least Annoying Team of 2009: New Orleans Saints, Twins, etc…

Winner: New Orleans Saints

Gotta love the Saints. Let me break it down our reasoning. In a single season, the team is successfully: (a) situating itself to become the first professional sports franchise in the history of ever to win something for the still-rebuilding Big Easy and (b) take down the man The Venuist most loves to see lose (Peyton Manning and his Pony-Boys) and in the process (which if he were to lose to the Saints in say, the Super Bowl (wink-wink) would help to emphatically confirm said man’s inherent positional inferiority to Tom Brady (a Venuist fave); (c) managing to be the most fun football team in the NFL to watch for all but 2 weeks of the season (bizarre late November swoon) despite playing in a dome — which is ordinarily boring and angers the football gods. Throw in the incomparable Drew Brees (who’s the best in the biz at the moment), and a cast of some of the most likeable players in the league and there’s no team we would rather see go all the way in February.

Honorable Mentions…

Minnesota Twins Because if you tell me that you hate the scrappy AL reps from the Twin Cities then you are either lying or without a heart.

LA Lakers Just kidding. We couldn’t think of any NBA that without it’s own truly obnoxious qualities/characters, so we just went with the one we could unanimously agree was the MOST annoying.

Al Michaels/Cris Collinsworth Because they might be the only NFL broadcast booth duo seasoned enough to know what they’re doing but not yet clearly senile (here’s looking at you, Phil Simms).

Conan O’Brien/Andy Richter/Max Weinberg Sigh…

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