Jets-Cromartie Conspiracy

As reported faithfully by my buddy the Queen Street Hooligan, the Jets have signed Antonio Cromartie to round out their cornerback slots…and by “round out” I of course mean utterly dominate. But the thing that’s funny about the whole move is that the reason the Chargers were so willing to drop Cromartie (or at least one of them) was the way Shonn Greene burned him for a score in the AFC Divisional Round that led to the Jets’ 17-14 victory.

This begs the question, was all of this in the works from the beginning? Did Cromartie let Greene shoot by him in the hopes that he would be dropped by the Chargers and picked up by the Jets…or was there an understanding beforehand?

And why leave sunny San Diego anyway? People asked the same of Eli Manning up until he rocked the Super Bowl. Maybe Cromartie hopes that the big market exposure of New York will generate him some extra endorsement income to take care of his seven kids and the five women who bore them.

Either way, this possibe conspiracy bears some looking into, and I hope that all your JFK enthusiasts out there will take some time out of your busy schedules to give this a nod.

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