Don't Call it the Oscars, Voices' Best of 2009

Hey, America! Still Ballin’? Thought so. If you hadn’t noticed, it’s not exactly a Silent Spring in the USA this week. Why’s that? Well, silly, it’s March 5 and that means that Oscar weekend (TM) has fallen upon us like the red and trumpeted dawn of Armageddon. And while, sure, we could all hold our breaths and wait ’til we turn as blue in the face as a horde of Na’Vi and wait for it to pass, here at the Voices we thought, why not just enjoy Oscar Fever for once?

So, to honor the spirit of Academy Awards Season (TM), we thought we’d bring your the following: Venuing Voices’ Best of 2009. Just like the Oscars, we are awarding the top performances and moments of the year 2009 [note: in sports] – and like them, only three whole months late!

[[Editor’s note: our arbitrary, semi-symbolic, deadline for 2009 submissions was Christmas, 2009. Because, we believe, to paraphrase Mr. John Lennon, that another year is indeed “over” as soon as massacre a few reels of wrapping paper and sit down for pancakes and holiday reruns with the fam on Xmas morning.]]

Our award categories will include:

1. Truest Sports Villain, 2009
2. Greatest Player of All Time, 2009
3. Most Total Badass/Nutjob
4. Best Playoff and/or Playoff Performance
5. Best Scandal
6. Top Exec/Coach
7. The Peoples’ Champ, 2009
8. Individual Performer We’d Most Like to Wish Injury Upon in 2009
9. Least Annoying Team
10. Best Picture [Play or Moment of the Year]

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