Best Scandal of 2009: A-Rod, Ramirez, Vick

If you honestly thought this was going to anyone other than Tiger Woods, I don’t really know what to say to you. The bombshell Thanksgiving revelation that everyone’s favorite athlete was sleeping with a myriad of women (including pornstar Holly Sampson) who were not his wife shook this nation to the core and made people re-evaluate their thoughts about the badassness of golf.

Honorable Mentions, Best Scandals 2009:

Manny Ramirez:
Drug tests found Ramirez to be using a female fertility drug unveiling the sensational scandal that Manny has been trying to get pregnant.

Michael Vick:
Dog abuser and heir to the Vicks coughdrops fortune, Michael Vick was signed as a backup QB for the Philadelphia Eagles officially making them more hated than the Dallas Cowboys.

Alex Rodriguez:
A-Rod performed extremely well this post-season, leading to the Yankees’ victory over the Phillies and their 27th World Title. His performance has caused all of us to reconsider his attributes as a player…which no one outside Yankeedom had wanted to do.

Bill Belichick:
With the game on the line, Belichick put the ball in the hands of Tom Brady who failed to convert the 4th down and allowed Peyton Manning an easy drive to victory to maintain the Colts’ undefeated season. This defeat at the hands of their rivals was crushing to the Patriots and left them moping around their lair for weeks afterwards as America wondered, why?

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