Best Playoff/Playoff Performance, 2009: C.C. Sabathia, Bulls vs. Celtics, Arizona Cardinals

This years winner(not really this year but you know what I mean) for Best Playoff/Playoff Performance goes to the Celtics and Bulls for the most freakishly amazing series in NBA Playoff history ever! And this isn’t up for debate. When you get 7 total over time sessions in one series, more than any team has ever gone through in a whole playoff run, you tip your hat and give credit where it is due. So big ups to the Celtics for outlasting the Bulls in this Royal Rumble ala Tour De France of the NBA playoffs. A young confident Bulls team gave the defending champion Celtics a run for their money. And fans across the country their money’s worth. Congratualtions!!!

–Also deserving mentions are the Arizona Cardinals for rising out of the NFL’s perennial trash heap to give us their heart and souls in a Superbowl run to not be forgotten.

–C.C. Sabathia for throwing 400 innings of top notch stuff and starting every 3 days to help the Yankee’s to their 27th World Series Title.

–Tim Tebow for crying after every game and messing up his bible passage eye black so neatly written on his cheeks.

–The U.S. Soccer Team for a strong showing in world competition including a defeat of World #1 Ranked Spain.

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