Yankee's Spring Training Beat

The Yankees are keeping em close. After a walk-off win versus the Pirates, the Yankees dropped one in the bottom of the ninth to the Phillie’s. CC Sabathia said his delivery was “so-so” after he pitched two scoreless frames against the Phil’s. Sabathia also said “As long as my arm feels good and I’m heading in the right direction”,”My delivery was OK. I’m happy. Results don’t start to matter until April 4.”

Also making headlines was Nick Johnson being scratched with a stiff lower back, with his injury history a little ache seems like a real big deal.

Tomorrow the battle for the fifth spot will be a big topic with Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain taking the mound for the first time this spring training. Joe Girardi said “No one’s going to be our fifth starter the first time through the rotation. It doesn’t happen that way. They’re going to be competitive, there’s no doubt about it. We’ll watch them closely, but all these guys need to get their arm strength back. Just try not to overthrow tomorrow. Try to stay within yourself.” Try and tell the media to stay within themselves too. Game time for tomorrow is 1:05pm in Tampa versus the Rays.

In other Yankee news A-Rod said there is nothing new regarding the request he received to talk with federal investigators. Investigators have already spoken with Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran of the Mets. Lets just hope all parties involved tell the truth to avoid any mention of the word “perjury”.

In regards to how the outfield is shaping up Granderson had the day off versus the Phil’s and Randy Winn went 0 for 2 with 2 strikeouts. Brett Gardner made a couple of nice catches against the Pirates in a windy outfield, but went 0 for 3 against the Phillies with one runner left on base.

Also Jorge Posada was 0 for 3 with 2 strikeouts, then again at 38 years old and duct taped together with the speed of molasses, I’ll give him sometime to loosen up.

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