Yankee's Spring Training Beat: Jose and Jorge Unhappily Ever After

Jose Molina has spoken his mind. He is recently quoted as saying that “the only reason I’m not with the Yankees for the 2010 season is because Jorge Posada’s defense looked so bad compared to mine, and Jorge had his panties in a bunch cause A.J. [Burnett] preferred to have me catch him.” Wow, Jose. I know Jorge can’t catch worth a lick, but is he self-centered enough to force the team’s hand into dealing a premier defensive catcher?

We already know Jorge possesses some form of Jedi Mind Control, as he waved his hand at Brian Cashman and came away with 4 year, 52.4 million dollar deal after a monster 2007 campaign at 36 years old. Then out of nowhere(sarcasm) in 2008 his body began to break down and he only played 51 games due to a shoulder injury to his already pathetic throwing arm. Don’t get me wrong, the guy can hit (and I’m a Yankee fan so don’t think I’m just hating on him here.)

Do you think it’s possible Jorge waved his hand again or caused a big enough stink to have the Yankees let Jose Molina sign with the Blue Jays for the veteran minimum? Does the Yankee’s P.R. machine control the news we get that well? If Francisco Cervelli goes missing I’m guessing Posada’s basement would be a good place to look.

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