Hey, Olympics!: The Noble Art of Curling

No doubt you, like me, were mesmerized by the thrilling and exhilarating sport of Curling at the recent Winter Olympics in Vancouver, where it probably surpassed the other notable sports of kings; darts and snooker for excitement and edge of the seat play. One could only marvel, drooling from our armchairs, at the athleticism and dexterity that some of those curlers displayed in their quest for the Curling Grail.

It aroused my interest in the history of the sport. Apparently its inception rests with the Scots; where a reference to a contest using stones on ice is made as early as 1541. The word “curling” first sees itself in print in Perth, Scotland in 1620, but it didn’t appear in the Olympics until 1998… blah, blah, blah

Will we be seeing Curling enter the fold in next year’s Winter X Games perhaps? Nestling between Boardercross and snowmobiling? “Tonight on ESPN Ladies and Gents we have the tatted-out, suicidegirl-esque blonde bitches from Latvia taking on last years northern upstarts, Sweden”

Instead of stick ball and wiffle ball will the local kids be emulating the recent curling heros that we all er, know and er, love……… er, like, er, Peter Fensen and Joseph Polo??? Opening hydrants and flooding street corners when temperatures drop, stealing mum’s swiffer and dreaming of the day when they too can manically sweep and slide in an attempt to bring home Winter gold for their nation.

Perhaps the dizzying heights of Olympic curling are just something we mere mortals can only dream of; with the hog lines, the sheet, the delivery, the broom, the house all just terms we have no real understanding of. Whether you know your “biter” from your “Kizzle kazzle” Curling has seen its profile gracefully elevated in the past few weeks. Whether it will linger, remains to be seen, check your local TV listing for details.

One Response to “Hey, Olympics!: The Noble Art of Curling”
  1. Queens Street Hooligan says:


    They say that this uninhabited isle off of Scotland is the only known supply of this blue hone granite in the world. Thats funny cause me and my friends used to play king of the hill on this blue hone granite hill in my backyard on Long Island. By the way I won every game we ever played.

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