Philadelphia Phillies Beat Down: The 5 Spot

All over the world of baseball it seems the fifth spot in the rotation is up for grabs or being decided this spring. In the land of the Phanatic it’s a two man race between old man Moyer and Kyle Kendrick. Will the Phillies take experience and craftiness of Moyer or let youth be served with Kyle Kendrick ?

While we all know what Moyer is capable of, the question is, will his age finally catch up to him? At 47 years young this journeyman of the game has more wit, and knowledge than most pitching coaches in the game. While Kendrick lacks the stuff to blow batters away, he lets his defense make plays behind him. When you play in the bandbox known as Citizens Bank Park that can be a fine line to walk. Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. said if Moyer or Kendrick don’t make the grade, he is comfortable letting Ryan Vogelsong, Andrew Carpenter, Joe Savery and Jose Contreras compete for the fifth spot.

My bet is Moyer starting the season as the fifth man on the mound, and Kendrick going to long relief. As for Contreras he’ll be defecting back to Cuba.


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