Hey Olympics: Thanks !, To the rest of you fat lazy people, you can have your t.v. back

So we lost the gold medal hockey game, it was a classic for the ages and I’m happy the host nation’s fans got to go out with a bang. Yeah Sidney Crosby put my foot, in my own mouth. I can live with these things. What I can’t live with is people complaining that the Olympics are on too much and they are missing their shows cause of it. People are you serious? Athletes train for 4 years of their lives harder than any shmuck on Biggest Loser, but do you appreciate them? No, cause Jillian Michaels isn’t yelling in a fat person’s face, theres no point in watching right? Once every 2 years you have to wait three weeks for a new episode of The Office or 30 Rock, so what.

It’s great to see what importance people put on sitcoms and reality t.v.. The whole worlds gathering to compete in a friendly competition of various sporting events. Putting all political and religious differences aside, and due to lack of creativity, social skills, or a personality those not interested are lost (no not the show). If you don’t like sports, which I can’t fathom, why not spend some quality time away from the t.v.? Maybe, I’m seeing this wrong, or maybe there is something wrong with these people.

Either way, two years from now I’ll be tuning in too catch a glimpse of the blur known as the worlds fastest man.

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