Any tread left on Thomas Jones' tires ?

The mainstay of the NFL’s #1 rushing offense, Thomas Jones, is slated to be released by the Jets this Friday. Coach Rex Ryan said “I wish Thomas the best in life heading forward, except in football.” Ouch Coach. So where will the 31 year old end up? He’ll be battling other trash heap candidates such as “Not-So-Fast” Willie Parker, Brian “The Soon-To-Be Vegetable” Westbrook and “Lost-a-Step” LaDainian Tomlinson for employment this off-season.

Jones, unlike the afore mention bums looking for a free paycheck has seen an improvement the past three years. Can Thomas Jones be an exception to the rule of not touching an “over 30” running back with a ten foot pole? After starting his career with 5 years of sub 1,000 yard seasons, Mr. Jones has been a battering ram for any offense he has played with. With the past two seasons being his most productive ever with a 1,312 yards rushing and 13 TD’s plus 2 receiving TD’s in 2008, and 1402 rushing yards and 14 TD’s in 2009. Though there has been whispers of knee problems that slowed him during the Jets playoff run, a player with Mr. Jones’ unparalleled work ethic and popularity amongst teammates, should be an exception to the “over 30” rule.

Who’s gonna roll the dice on a 32 year old running back looking to make Rex Ryan eat something that isn’t fried, his own words.


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