Saint Jeter ?

It’s official folks, the Pope is in Tampa and he is planning on ordaining Derek Jeter as the patron saint of professional sports. Once Jeter spoke these words on the topic of a contract extension being a distraction“No, because I am not going to discuss a contract for next season after today.’’. The Pope immediately called for Shepherd One to be fueled and prepared for takeoff.

I wonder if Jeter will be the first saint to have worn a gold thong? There’s something for the record books. Also on the visit the Pope will offer Alex Rodriguez atonement for missing those pop fly’s a few years back, among other things. Joe Girardi said “I save stranded motorists and change my jersey number to let everyone know what we are playing for, why not me?”

I think this will lead to a wave of unselfish behavior regarding money and contracts in sports. Wait, what am I thinking? As long as Scott Boras is breathing somewhere in this world, greed and the me first attitude will be applied to all negotiations. Remarkable as it may seem, a small gesture like putting your team first or honoring your word can go a long way in this world. Amen.

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