Gain Weight, Get Drafted Higher, At least at QB

When the higher-ups are worried if you can’t take the “beating” that NFL quarterbacks take with a 223 lb. frame, just add 12 lbs. of “solid muscle” like Sam Bradford. Now the problem with the “beating” part is obvious if you have ever watched a game of NFL on Sunday, YOU CAN’T TOUCH A QUARTERBACK ANYMORE ! They have restricted hitting quarterbacks to above the knee’s and below the head, the NFL has effectively come up with a “strike zone” for hitting quarterbacks. The NFL now has 10 football players on the field and one guy you can’t touch that plays Quarterback. But gain 12 lbs. just in case.

So Sam Bradford’s weight has his draft stock rising, never mind his recently twice injured throwing shoulder. And someone tell me how 12 lbs. will improve your durability in the pocket? Does “Pocket Presence” have any meaning anymore? Tom Brady has pocket presence, a freak play hurt his knee, CHANGE THE RULES, can you say OVERREACT. Some guys sit in there and take a beating, take Aaron Rodgers for example. He holds the ball longer just to get hit more. Then you got Peyton you-know-who, he dives to the ground like a bomb went off when he senses a defensive player within 5 yards.

So my advice to the St. Louis Rams, take Jimmy Clausen if you want a Qb, and by all means necessary don’t trade for The Dog Killer. Jimmy Clausen had a great season at Notre Dame, and if it wasn’t for a swiss cheese defense he would have gotten more recognition for it. He played through a turf tough injury that required surgery after the season, so he should be able to handle a hug and gentle tug to the ground that the NFL has to offer.


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