Hey, Olympics!: Lindsey Vonn and the SI Curse

The Sports Illustrated Cover Curse has struck again. It’s latest victim: Olympian Lindsey Vonn. Now you, dear reader, may want desperately to point out to me that Mrs. Vonn could not possibly be cursed. “She’s won two medals!” you say in outrage. “And one of them was gold!”

Yes, well this is true, but let’s look at some other facts. The race that Vonn took the gold in was the downhill, which she was already heavily favored in. She was expected to medal in all of the five events that she competed in. Instead she only finished two of the events.

Furthermore, Vonn injured herself before the Olympics even began and questioned whether or not she could even compete. And now that she has, she’s added a broken finger and back pains to the list of her bodily woes.

I hate to break it to you, ladies and gentlemen, but Mrs. Vonn is cursed. We can only hope that now that her part in the Winter Games is over the curse will dissipate. If not, we may have to start looking into some more drastic measures…

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