Favre-Watch 2010 Beginneth! – AP Reports

It’s the NFL off-season? Let the Favre Watch begin!

Possibly more entertaining and relevant than the NFL Draft, Favre Watch follows the waffling decision making process of Brett Favre as he decides whether or not to retire and entices teams away from pursuing young talent and instead going after a cyborg who’s best stat is “Season Ending Interceptions”.

This year it will be the Minnesota Vikings who hold out on Brett Favre’s decision. Having taken the team to the NFC title game before deciding that he should let the Saints win, the Vikings hope that Favre’s capricious Greek-god-like nature will favor them this year and allow the team to advance to the Bowl of Bowls. Their other options aren’t so great.

“Tavaris Jackson?” quoth coach Brad Childress. “You’ve got to be shitting me! I’d start Seasbiscuit’s animated corpse before I started him!”

In related news Seabiscuit has placed ads on Craigslist searching for a level 5 or better necromancer.

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