Did McGwire "Come Out" just to beat his brother's book ?

We all knew he took steroids when he was glowing like molten lava running around the bases in his record breaking season, then this January he came out and confirmed the obvious. Saying he took steroids to overcome injuries and how he didn’t think it helped him hit home runs at least not all 70 of them in 98′. Well I myself don’t buy into the b.s. spewed by people who cheat, then cover it up for 10 plus years.

Mark McGwire’s brother Jay is writing a book in the fashion of his idol Jose Canseco, and you got it, it has to do with the only thing that the “Bash Brothers” have in common, Steroids. You could say they had home runs in common, or massive amounts of muscle. But take away the steroids and they have nothing. Canseco is a wife beating, fly ball off the head for a home run outfielder, who is currently working the reality show circuit. Mark McGwire is the St. Louis Cardinal’s new hitting coach, does he have to test now?, or will the Cardinal’s have a back-up hitting coach just incase?

Jay McGwire you are a terrible brother, you introduce Mark to steroids, then you rat him out 16 years later. But I’m not related to you, and I want the truth.


You can’t handle the TRUTH!


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