Hey, Olympics!: Canadian Women's Hockey Gold Rush

From the title you would assume this is an article about the Canadian Women’s Hockey team winning gold over the U.S.. Sorry it’s their Y chromosome country mates that I’d like to do a little pondering on. After getting a beat down “Tom Cable” style from the U.S., Team Canada has bounced back in Pamela Anderson Baywatch opening credits fashion. With an impressive 7-3 win over the Russian Team or “Eurotrash” as Mike Milbury would say (we’ll get back to Mike Milbury) and a 8-2 laugher over the inebriated German’s, they have regained their “Gold Medal Favorite” stamp and all is well in the land of maple syrup.

Will Team Canada be able to match the women who have so proudly skated and scored before them (then drank and smoked)? Or will they, like the mighty soviets of 1980, just give us Americans something else to cheer about ? Can Princess Crosby become a Prince ? Maybe if Joe Thornton gives him a kiss, but my guess is it won’t happen on the ice against the U.S..


One Response to “Hey, Olympics!: Canadian Women's Hockey Gold Rush”
  1. Queens Street Hooligan says:

    I guessed wrong. Bah!

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