Adventures in Advanced Baseball Statistics, Part 5: A Team Statistic? Bah!

This posting I will be looking into Base Runs (BsR), a team statistic that measures how many runs a team should score based on it’s offense. It can also measure how many runs a batter should create and how many runs a pitcher should allow.

Like most equations, this makes about as much sense as a Geico commercial, but for those of you interested, here it is:

Here is the basic version:

A = H + BB – HR

B = [1.4×TB – 0.6*H -3*HR + 0.1×BB] × 1.02

C = AB – H

D = HR

Here is a version which includes some minor categories in which certain players excel:

A = H + BB + HBP – HR – 0.5*IBB

B = [1.4×TB – 0.6×H – 3×HR + 0.1×(BB + HBP – IBB) + 0.9×(SB – CS – GDP)]×1.1

C = AB – H + CS + GDP

D = HR

And here is a version for pitchers:

A = H + BB – HR

B = [1.4×TBe – 0.6×H – 3×HR + 0.1×BB]×1.1

C = 3×IP

D = HR

The reason this statistic is interesting is that it’s one of the few I’ve found that actually measures something regarding a team and not just an individual. However, as such, Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds, Johan Santana, Kurt Schilling and more have signed on to have the statistic banned fearing an era where “team play” will override individual awesomeness.


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