Goodnight, and Good…er, We Dunno to Be Honest

If we leave here tomorrow...

Hey All,

You’re reading the last post ever to be placed here on Venuist.


Dry those cryin’ eyes.  We’re not going anywhere.  As you may have noticed, in John-Cougar-Mellencamp style The Venuist and pals had added the whole “Venuing Voices” appellate to our name a few weeks back.  That’s not insignificant!

You can know find your favorite crew at

That’s right, Venuing Voices [[editor’s note: that’s us!]] now has a permanent home within the Venuing family.  And it’s a glorious new site.  And there’s gonna be even cooler, new features, enhanced navigation through our news and archives, yadda yadda…

It’s been real, but really, we ain’t going nowhere.  So see you all on the flip.  Hopefully, we’ll get more than seven months in the new digs before they’re sold for scrap.

Otherwise: see you back here in 2011…



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