Muhammad Ali to Westbrook: "Keep playing, That's a great idea!"

This past season Brian Westbrook suffered not one, but two concussions in the span of three weeks sidelining him after half a season. As such it was no surprise that the Eagles dropped Westbrook, who was never played a full sixteen game season, earlier today.

However, Westbrook isn’t ready to hang up the jock strap just yet. Taking the advice of his new Life Coach, Muhammad “The Greatest” Ali, the 30-year-old is entering into free agency in case there’s a team desperate enough out there to pick up an injury prone, Jurassic-age, running back who’s one big hit away from permanent dementia.

Now I’m not trying to say that Westbrook isn’t good (God knows as a Giants’ fan he’s been a major thorn in my side for the past few seasons) but does the reward really outweigh the risk? I can easily see a team picking up and then kicking themselves after he takes a shot to the head on the first play of the opening game and is out for the season…or forever.

But such thoughts don’t seem to faze Westbrook who is pressing on in his search for a signing. When asked to comment about his future in the NFL, he mumbled something incoherrent and ambled away.


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