Hey, Olympics!: a Figure Skating Report from Vancouver (right?)

So I was watching the Women’s figure-skating last night, and as the girls glided across the ice in their glittering tutus, I noticed that only three of the many competitors chose songs I was actually “down with”.

In a “sport” that’s at least half performance (as we found out in the Men’s competition), I think music plays a pretty integral role in the overall awesomness of a routine, and so rarely is the music something I would actually want to listen to. Most of the time it’s just classical blah or something vaguely ethnic that’s probably native to whatever country the skater hails from. I think this last description fits in with the music that Rachael Flatt skated to in her short program, and I actually liked it, but maybe that’s because I’m from America (see: Jazz music).

Anyway, I’m always surprised that more skaters don’t perform to some more contemporary music, especially given that they’re all so young, but I guess the draconian rules of tradition in skating force skaters to use on classical style music, or at least stuff old enough to seem classical. But Kim Yu-na (South Korean) and Mirai Nagasu (American of obvious Asian descent) picked two of the coolest “classical” musical choices possible.

Kim Yu-na took on a Bond girl persona as she skated to the spy’s well-known theme. And Nagasu also took a page from popular movie culture and skated to Hans Zimmer’s Pirates of the Carribean theme. I think the only possible better choice that may have fit within these parameters would be the Star Wars theme (or really anything by John Williams).

After listening to a competition full of music I didn’t recognize, these two stood out for me and caused me to draw a singular conclusion: Asian chicks have good taste in music.


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