Danger Ducks! Oregon Sports Descend into Chaos

The dangers of Facebook are many: waking up after a night of drunken carousing to find yourself tagged in an album’s worth of unflattering snapshots; dealing with unending messages from that guy you see at the laundromat who somehow found your profile; having to go into major damage control when your angry ex posts how small your penis is on every girl’s wall from your college.

Jamere Holland, formerly a wide receiver for the Oregon Ducks, found out just how dangerous Facebook can be when blasted the team in his status for kicking linebacker Kristian Kiko Alonso off the team after he was arrested for a DUI…only Alonso hasn’t been kicked off the team.  Whoops.

The Ducks have made great strides towards becoming the Bengals of the NCAA with four of their players being arrested in the last month.  Needing to draw the line somewhere, the hammer came down on Holland who violated team policy with his post.  Nevermind that Alonso will be tried for a DUI, star running back LaMichael James allegedly choked his girlfriend, and Rob Beard, Matt Simms, and Mike Bowlin were involved in a streetfight (though to be fair those last two were either kicked off the team or quit).

No, apparently explicit facebook posts are what will land you in trouble at Oregon.  So all you bloggers out there beware.  The Ducks are coming for you!

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.


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