Adventures in Advanced Baseball Statistics, Part 3: ‘Get Down Girl and do the DIPS’

Strikeouts, one of many important parts to DIPS.

Since I showed some love to the offense last time, I figured I’d write up a statistic for the defensive side of the ball.  Defensive Independent Pitching Statistics, or DIPS, is exactly what it sounds like.  A pitcher is judged based on how many HRs, BBs, Ks and HBPs he gives up, as well as his percentage of pop-ups to grounders, to line drives he allows.  If you couldn’t derive that just from the name, I don’t know what else I can do for you.

So what does this mean, you ask?  Well, this stat is important in that it only records things that a pitcher has control over.  Base hits, extra base hits, and runs scored are all things that could vary depending on how good a team’s fielders are.  But DIP stats are all based on a pitcher’s actions in a vacuum or some hypothetical universe where Brett Favre’s robot body has been adapted to seamlessly play every sport, and fielders’ stats are all the same.


DICE=3.00 + \frac{13HR + 3(BB + HBP) - 2K}{IP}


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