Vernon Davis to take reins of failing curling team

If you're gonna do it, do it right.

Captain Vernon Davis cannot be happy with the performance of his team in Vancouver.  The US Men’s curling team is a winless 0-4, and the Women’s team isn’t doing much better, coming in at 0-3 after losing to Denmark.  Davis (TE for the San Francisco 49ers) is expected to arrive in Vancouver today to watch both teams perform, and perhaps fear of disappointing their captain will whip the players into shape.

What Davis will do to motivate his team has yet to be determined.  Unnamed sources say that they heard Davis muttering to himself on the plane ride over about curling skip John Shuster, “can’t play with him, can’t win with him, can’t do it.”  But Perhaps Davis won’t lay the Singletary verbal pummeling on his teammates, despite his frustration, and go for a more positive approach, like say presenting them with new uniforms of his own design.

Either way the US teams are in dire straights, and if they want to turn things around, they will likely need some good Ditka style motivation.


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