Lysacek “Upsets” Plushenko, Russian Pout-a-thon Ensues

So the winner gets a bouquet of mixed greens? Oh, ok...

Not since 1988 has an American male figure skater won gold at the Olympics, but last night Evan Lysacek upset heavily favored Evgeni Plushenko to stand atop the three-tiered podium.  In a routine that was about performance over flair, Lysacek showed that Plushenko’s bullying words had no effect on him, and that figure-skating is not about what you do but how good you look doing it.

[[Editor’s note: wouldn’t this all be so much more like, awesome; or at least kinda-sorta culturally relevent if the Cold War was still raging, or simmering, or whatever it is that Cold War’s do?]]

Grace, fluidity, beauty, are some of the words that would best describe Lysacek’s performance.  These are also words that are not generally associated with things that are…well, masculine.  While more typically manly terms like power, cocky, explosive, and Chuck Norris, would describe Plushenko’s routine, his performance aspect and technical work were lacking, which ultimately cost him the gold.

Though making a point saying that getting silver after coming back from injury is pretty good (which, you know, it totally kinda is), Plushenko’s post-medal-ceremony comments can basically be summed up as:

“If you can win Men’s figure-skating in the Olympics without jumping a quad, then this sport is clearly for sissies, but I’m not bitter because I already have a gold medal and Evan probably needed this for his fragile self-esteem more than I did for something else to throw in the back of my closet.”

[[Editor’s note #2: Yahtzee.]]

Luckily for Plushenko, we are past the days where failure in the Motherland means a visit in the night from the KGB [[Editor’s note #3, see also: FSB, Vlad Putin, the Boogey Man, dudes who sleep in coffins, et al]], but I’m sure Stalin is rolling in his grave, and Plushenko himself didn’t seem all too happy or gracious about the end result.

But so it goes with judged sports; you do the best that you can, and then it’s up to someone else to tell you whether or not it was good.  And in this case our Canadian brothers “did the right thing” and were not swayed by any fiendish mechanisms from Boris or Natasha.  Too bad, Plushenko, better luck next time.

Oh, and maybe if you didn’t proclaim your own victory before the judges even bestowed their marks you would’ve done better…just a thought.

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