Westminster PETA Show

Bitch, please.

With the Olympics in full swing, the NBA back on track and baseball gearing up for its own annual reboot, some other important sports have been pushed to the sidelines.

Why, just yesterday Madison Square Garden hosted the annual Westminster Dog Show, but it seemed an after thought with the other goings-on in the sports world.

The Westminster show has a long and prestigious history grounded in pompousness, pretension, and a general, mostly icky, air of English-ness.  Be that as it may, It is a shame that this year’s event should be overshadowed by a worldly competition no one cares about (an then, only because it isn’t soccer).

But to make it worse, a couple of PETA types showed total lack of respect towards the “grand tradition” when they ran out onto the stage before the presentation of “Best in Show” and waved signs that were simply astonishing to highbrow sensibilities.

And I ask you, PETA, why?  Why did you have to go and ruin the dogs’ day?  I thought you liked animals.  Aren’t all dogs, even pure-breeds, deserving of your love?  They are already losing viewership to men in skin-tight, sequined bodysuits.  Ye Gods!  Why would you go and make things worse?

That said, despite all that the dogs endured, the overall winner, a delightful Scottish terrier named Sadie seemed absolutely delighted with her trophy and unperturbed by the PETA intruders.


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