Hey, Olympics! Men’s Figure Skating Update: when sharing doesn’t mean caring :(

I promise you -- dollars to donuts -- this dude can talk trash.

The debate still rages as to whether or not figure-skating is actually a sport, but — if this means anything — damn, those skaters sure do trash-talk like jocks.

After winning the short program, Evgeni Plushenko went on to taunt other skaters in the competition, much like a boxer before a big match.  His jabs were aimed heavily at the US’s Evan Lysacek who is in second place, a mere .55 points behind the Russian.

Plushenko rambled in broken English about the importance of the quad jump, which he is famous for, in the evolution of competitive figure-skating and how it is now a determining factor for the judges.  Lysacek has no quads planned for his long program even though he has done them in the past.

(The last time he attempted one in competition it ended in injury.  Reportedly, a hush fell over the audience as Lysacek, first grimaced, then sobbed, then repeated “woopsy-daisy” to himself aloud for minutes on end.)

Lysacek weakly defended his position by reiterating the importance of simple skating moves in a competitive routine.  While this may be true that’s like trying to say that the solid fundamentals of the WNBA are more exciting to watch than the dunk-filled adrenaline of the NBA.  Viewers want big plays; that’s why they lowered the pitcher’s mound in baseball.

The Pedro Martinez of figure-skating, Plushenko seems to thrive off of the drama and media coverage that swirls around his comments.  But let us hope for Lysacek’s sake (and the sake of the all-important medal count) that, like Pedro, Plushenko will fold to the Yankee pressure and call US his daddy.

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