Saturday/Saturday (err, on Wednesday)…Mags’ Barmy Army – World Football Recap!!!

And to think, the Canadians never thought to put advertisement ribbons on the Stanley Cup (above: English FA Cup)

T’was a beautiful sunny day last Saturday in Ye Olde New Yorke City, and I spent it inside a wonderous watering hole; blinds drawn, commentary cranked, pint in hand; watching the Yorkshire Whites in the 4th Round of the FA Cup.

Leeds opponents: Spurs.

It was a tense and dramatic game in which we came into our own more in the second half, although Beckford took a couple of first half chances well, he didn’t find the net. Ankergren saved a penalty early on which certainly boosted morale and although Spurs went in at half time one nil up, we leveled soon after the break, only to go behind once again. Then, clock ticking well into the time know as injury, Beckford gets clattered and goes down like a tonne of bricks in the box.

He gets up, hits the peno past Gomes with consummate ease, job done, nice one lad!

Although slightly worrying that he seems to be the only player in a Leeds shirt that can score of late, but we’ll gloss over that fact. Anyway, met a bunch of nice Leeds lads down at Nevada Smiths who were certainly marching all together by the end – cheers fellas. Replay set for next Wednesday at the Lane, C’Mon Leeds! – although writing this I have just learnt of a loss tonight against Swindon in the League; we could do with focusing on that and not F-ing that up lads – sick of being in Division three (league one) – we have served our time, long over due, can we get out for good behavior?

Speaking of Spurs, they took on Londinium rivals Fulham last night in the mid week Premiership matches and carved out a useful 2-0 win, which leaves them in fourth spot, three ahead of Liverpool who even with the boy Gerrard back, could only graft a draw against Wolves and by the sounds of it, gave a lack luster performance.

The other draw took place at Portsmouth, where they drew 1-1 with West Ham in a scrappy match. A points a point I guess. Elsewhere, the Reebok stadium to be precise, Bolton took on Burnley; and won 1-0. Manager Owen Coyle took a torrent of abuse from his former clubs fans, but at least he came away with a win thanks to Chung-Yung Lee 35th minute effort.

The African Nations Cup quarter finals provided much class and intrigue earlier this week, with Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria and Algeria all advancing to the promised land of the semi finals. Egyptian goal hero, Ahmed Hassan scored twice (plus an own goal for Cameroon, not a bad days work, son!) to advance the Pharoahs into what will be yet another fierce and contentious encounter with their north African nemesis, Algeria. Algeria progressed by taking the majestic footballing scalp of Ivory Coast, a Cup favourite. And no it is not an adulterated Al-Qaeda video, you heathens; its the beautiful game….. listen, watch and learn:

Egypt and Algeria last met in November, with Algeria advancing to this years World Cup (they have to play some upstarts from across the pond? Who? Anybody?), but the match was remembered more for the riots and hatred that surrounded the game. It will again be a tense affair with Egypt looking to turn the tables, much friction to be expected. Nigeria powered onward by beating Zambia after extra-time and penalties; in a turn of fate that saw Super Eagles keeper, Thomas Nyirenda, save a penalty, then score himself to send them through. The Black Stars of Ghana beat hosts Angola 1-0 and will go on to face Nigeria in the Semi’s, in yet another ferocious battle and West African rivalry. However, the Angolans were unlucky not to score with intense portions of pressure towards the end of the game.

Both matches are going to be intense to say the least, especially the Egypt versus Algeria match watch this if you don’t believe me). And with all things connected to the African Nations Cup nothing will go according to the script, anything goes…..

And now for something completely different!

[[Hey that’s a not bad phrase, maybe it could be used in a seventies sketch comedy show???]]

So breaking news, and totally un-sports related; unless your Olympic sport of choice would be quaffing bottles of Chardonnay  through a straw in the quickest time possible, or snorting cocaine of hookers backs in relay type fashion, or making whiskey disappear before your very eyes over hurdles? Sir Keef!, of the Richards variety, has announced; it appears, that he is now tea-total. Apparently after seeing his fellow band mate, Ronnie’s, life unravel before his and the worlds very eyes, he decided to kick the sauce…….

How can that be? the world as we know it doesnt make any sense anymore….. oh, bollocks I need a drink – but let me leave you with one on Keefs finest moments:

Yeah, mainly coz you drank it all ya bastard…………

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