Packers, Jets fans to Brett Favre: “Aahahahahahahahahah” – AP

Brett Favre, before the fall...

The Green Bay Packers were eliminated from this season’s NFL playoffs two weeks ago in a thrilling offensive spectacle. The New York Jets, for their part, were dealt a heartbreaking loss when they fell in he AFC Championship Game this Sunday to the Indianapolis Colts.  Despite these facts, the spirit of both fan bases was said to have much improved while watching Brett Favre almost singlehandedly provide the New Orleans Saints with their first ever trip to the Super Bowl last night.

According to solid reports, As Favre lofted a woefully misbegotten pass into the hands of Saints defender, the mood was said to “noticeably lift” in sports bars across Wisconsin and the Tri-State Areas.  “It was as if someone walked into the bar and screamed ‘I got free ice cream sundaes for anyone who wants ’em'” said Lane O’Brien, the proprietor of Mickey’s Pub in Astoria, NY.   “All of the sudden, things seemed to brighten.  I mean, considering the loss to the Colts…I don’t think there was any way we could have asked for more.”

Similar accounts were relayed to Venuist bureau reporters from across the chief stronghold of Packers fans.  In downtown Milwaukee, patrons of a bar named “Snooker S’more” rose up and burned an effigy of Favre in the middle of the floor.  One witness at the scene described the group’s act as having been “almost sadistically gleeful,” while another simply called it “totally fucking awesome.”

As of press time this morning, a large gift basket was found to have been delivered to the front door of the Metrodome.  According to Minnesota Venuist media sources, the basket featured an 8×10 gift card which read:





3 Responses to “Packers, Jets fans to Brett Favre: “Aahahahahahahahahah” – AP”
  1. dvdsnmotion says:

    i,m from the old school and i, know Brett still has something left in his tank,so good luck with your decision, he,s an ambassador to sport, GOD BLESS YOU,in your endevers…DVD in D.C.

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