Saturday English Premiership Predictions!!!

Yes children, English people are silly too

[[Here’s the latest installment of top-flight English Football (see also: soccer) Match predictions; brought to you from our own Mags of MagsBarmyArmy!]]

Chelsea V Sunderland

The bright start that Sunderland had at the beginning of the season has tailed off and Chelsea at home is an ominous prospect. Both sides had a week off last Saturday due to the weather, and this will have done both squads good, but Chelsea more so. Although they have to contend with a lot of absences with the African Cup of Nations, Chelsea wont falter at this hurdle.

Prediction: Chelsea 2 – 1 Sunderland

Everton V Man City

Both Everton and City have had a bit of a renaissance of later, both teams are playing more cohesively and nearer to their full potential; City have been revived under Mancini and Everton, although still struggling with injuries, seem to have weathered their storm. New signing Donovan seems to have fit right in. Both teams have been scoring with ease also and I see this being a draw with plenty of action and goalmouth incidents.

Prediction:Everton 2 – 2 Man City

Man Utd V Burnley

Shaky United have had a tough time in the last few weeks, but that won’t deter Ferguson’s boys: they are still Manchester United for god sake! It will not be long before they regain their stride and this game against Burnley will be a perfect opportunity to gain confidence and knock in a few goals. Burnley have a new boss, Brian Law, and although at Tuff Moor they have been difficult to beat, away from home it’s a different story. They certainly wont give up without a fight, but Man U will be too strong

Prediction: Man Utd 3 – 0 Burnley

Stoke City V Liverpool

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, Rafa is in a right old pickle; out of the Champions League, unceremoniously dumped out of the FA Cup by Championship side Reading and unlikely to make a challenge fro the league title. Its time for Mr Benitez to move over, his signings and strategies just haven’t paid off and they leave a mighty club like Liverpool floundering. Gerrard and Torres have had to shoulder all the responsibility of winning and it’s just unrealistic. The situation is now magnified by the fact both are now on the injured list. Torres, it seems may be out for a couple of months with knee surgery. Stoke are good at home, very physical and I can see them pouncing on a Liverpool team that at present looks unconvincing. How times have changed from the beginning of the season encounter when Liverpool won emphatically 4-0. No such score line this time I reckon

Prediction: Stoke City 2 – 0 Liverpool

Blackburn V Fulham

Fulham are currently playing some fantastic football; attack heavy and free flowing, the injury to Bobby Zamora is a huge blow, just when he was finding some ridiculous form. I just see Fulham’s all round quality being just too much for Blackburn. Allardyce is under a lot of pressure and Blackburn have not been doing well lately, they have conceded nine goals in the last three games. The Cottagers will be triumphant!

Prediction: Blackburn 0 – 2 Fulham

Bolton V Arsenal

Seems to be all about old boys of late; I mean mature, experienced professionals. Vieira at Man City and now Sol Campbell looks like he is making his return to the Gunners. Wengers no fool; he obviously still believe Campbell has what it takes at the top flight. Bolton are third from bottom and although they now have a new manager at the helm, Owen Coyle, they are still in disarray. Coyle may be able to plug some gaps and stop the immediate hemorrhaging, but the overall outlook is bleak. The return of Captain, Kevin Davis, offers about the only ray of light.

Prediction: Bolton 1- 3 Arsenal

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