Stat of the Day! Adrian Beltre vs Carlos Beltran

Adrian Beltre - a thinkin' man's Carlos Beltran?

This just in from our friends at The Boson Globe:

Also, “Carlos Beltran and Adrian Beltre each has had 6,877 plate appearances. Beltre has 1,700 hits, Beltran has 1,705. Beltre has 348 doubles, Beltran 340. Beltran has struck out 1,086 times, Beltre 1,084 times. Beltre is a lifetime .270 hitter with 250 homers and 906 RBIs. Beltran is a lifetime .283 hitter with 273 homers and 1,035 RBIs.’’ . . .

This, of course, is just exactly the kind of stat line that The Venuist loves to come across.

The perception, of course, is that Beltran is one of the premier talents in the game is belied by the fact that he has never produced to the effect of his reputation.  The above stat line is even more intriguing when one considers the fact that Beltre is one of the few major league players who every bit as much as defensive force as Beltran.  In plain terms, Beltre vs Beltran, factoring both offense and defense = a statistical wash.

Unreal, I know.

[[Aside: and if you don’t suspect that Theo Epstein is aware of the above numerical splits, you’re kidding yourself.]]

And for all you Mets fans whom I just angered, please reserve your nasty emails and comments.  Both Beltre and Beltran received contracts they did not (or in Beltran’s case is yet to) quite live up to (woe to be the Mariners).

I was in Queens myself for the defining moment of Beltran’s career (so far): “strike three looking.”

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