Africa Nations Cup Roundup/Preview – A World Cup Primer?


Behold, the fatted CAF...


Along time ago in a galaxy far, far away….. hang on, thats not right, thats something else…

Recently, on the west coast of Africa far, far away in a country named Angola this years African Cup of Nations got underway with gusto yesterday with hosts, Angola, being held to a draw with lowly Mali; 4-4.

Although the start of this years ACN was overshadowed, and rightly so, by the chilling and brutal ambush of the Togolese national team. Three people were killed as the team made there way to their training ground in the northern province on Cabinda, At the time of writing report confirmed two arrests had been made in connection with the harrowing attack. The Angolan government, the MPLA, will look to refocus the worlds attention back onto the topic of football, away from such bad press.

This years Cup looks to be a nod to the burgeoning African footballing talent that is already on display throughout the European leagues and the world. It will be one for the history books; for the right, rather than wrong, reasons. A rough guide for the curious and faint of heart is set to appear across these very pages shortly, in the meantime to wet the unaware and bemused US appetite, here are the top ten goals from the last African Nation Cup; some familiar faces perhaps, but others, not so much: all mouthwatering however.

One Response to “Africa Nations Cup Roundup/Preview – A World Cup Primer?”
  1. Good Article, Ghana wiin !! is my favourite 🙂

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