Boston Mayor asks scalpers to have a heart; they opt for cash instead.


Quality vs. quantity: Whoever this is is going to scalp the shit out of that one ticket.


You can say many things about Boston, but you can’t say its citizens don’t take advantage of a good scalping opportunity. Seriously, us Bostonians love the fuck out of scalping—so much that we’ve even tried legalizing it. I literally used to work next to Fenway Park for the better part of three years and would see it all the time. People looking for tickets and people trying to sell tickets to the game, or Sheryl Crow or Phish Matthews Band or what-have-you.

Anyway, I bring up that bit of context because some 3,000 free tickets that were supposed to strictly go to Boston-area residents to ice skate (yes, ice skate) at Fenway Park before the Bruins winter classic are now appearing on eBay — in some cases for close to $2,000 a ticket.

One sagacious entrepreneur would not even grant the Boston Globe an interview unless they bought four tickets for $4,000 (the Globe foolishly passed on the chance to reap the knowledge of Boston’s best and brightest).

Boston Mayor Tom Menino was reached for comment, but quite frankly we couldn't understand a word he said.


This begs the question: how much are Bruins tix going to be scalped for?

Read more about it at the Boston Globe (believe me, after the year they’ve had, they could certainly use the readers):

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  1. […] to defend Lopez, either. Someone needed to tell that fucking amateur that this is Boston, not L.A. Scalping is where it’s at here in the Bay State. Counterfeiting is a whole other […]

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