Paul Pierce, a dude you should know!


"Me, I buy the gourmet expensive stuff because when I drink it, I want to taste it."


Everybody’s doing it!  

We mean blogging, silly…

And by everybody, we mean the douche’s at CNN (who – for a global news outfit – are apparently too cheap to own their own space, so they run their blogs through wordpress just like yours truly), the “real” housewives of virtually every major, American, metropolitan area, and now (let’s see if Gellman can add us a drumroll) Mr. Paul Pierce, captain of the Boston Celtics and now, avowed and proud Bostontonian.

So Blog-eth Mr. Pierce:

I guess the obvious question is, “Why am I doing this?”

Well, in his first installment of his new blog, Paul (it’s cool if we call you Paul, right?) sets about answering this very question.  Apparently, it’s important that his fans “get to know him better.”  Of course, the obvious response to that on the part of the average Boston fan might be, “ok, so what?  I mean Garnett doesn’t say shit and he hasn’t even been around town that long and honestly, despite all that, most people like him better than you.”  

I mean, let’s be honest, Garnett and Pierce are like the Bill and Hillary Clinton of New England hoops.  Kevin Garnett (may we call you KG, sir?) can do know wrong.  On the other hand, Pierce, despite his loyalty through thick and thin, and his obvious ability to get shit done, has never stirred the fanbase in town quite so hardily.   

But back to the Pierce’s Blog, right, yeah, right…

[[Aside: how did Pierce and the fine folks at Globe totally miss the opportunity to name this: “Captain’s Log.”  I mean, how incredible would that have been?  “Captain’s Log, supa’-star date, 2010, tonight our starting five and reserve crew battle the Rockets in Houston, on our way towards boldly completing a West Coast tour for the first time.” Or something like that, you get our point…it would be classic.]]

Anyways, Pierce gets a big ups, despite our derision (it was only in good fun, Paul, I’m sure KG talks more shit at practice, or for that matter, when you guys abscond to Dairy Queen for mint-chip Celtics Blizzards), for talking with candor about how much it has meant to him to spend his entire career with one team; a storied franchise at that.  He even goes so far as to talk about what it meant for a kid who grew up down the street from the LA Forum to get drafted by a team he had learned to despise.  Good stuff.  And not only that, he seems genuine in his appreciation for the fortune he has had to stay in Boston and be able to help build this great team that he now Captains.

[[You can read the full post, here.]]

Lastly, who knew that Paul Pierce’s brother played like, 20 games for the San Francisco Giants?  (I know!) Seriously, his name is Steve Hosey and you can look him up.

Citizens of Boston! Paul Pierce would like you to get to know him better. See above: "his sensitive, contemplative side"

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  1. yu need to get up off my man

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