Best of the Web! Bill Simmons, Malcolm Gladwell, Sox parodies, oh my!


not the only area where the Marlins get an "F"


So, Friday is – as we’ve discovered at Venuist, the slowest of sports news days.  Well, except for Saturdays (and yeah, that’s a big thank you to you football hooligans who read Mags’ weekly dish).  

Some amazing posts from around the web, however, have gotten us juiced.  First of all, the latest Bill Simmons/Malcolm Gladwell summit over at ESPN is – as always – as good as advertised.  Waste yourself a good half an hour with a smile on your face here.  And yeah, that’s a link to the second half, where it really gets good.

Also, kudos to the fine folks at “Over the Monster” for this hilarious, Sox parody. Choice bit:

“With these acquisitions, the Red Sox are in an excellent position to compete for the 2010 World Series,” Epstein declared, gently stroking his white Persian cat. “I am confident that we have improved our team over both the short-term and long-term, and that these deals will continue to pay dividends.”

Come to think of it, the Sox should acquire the entire Florida Marlins franchise.  Or really, in John Henry’s case, purchase them back from Bud Selig.  Actually, that would have been even better back in 2002 if he had demanded to retain the Marlins as the Sox new de facto farm team.  Better still, all of the big market teams could have acquired like franchises and created the mythical 4A league for all of the Brian Daubachs, Ian Kennedys and Kelly Shopachs of the world.


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