Joe Mauer – Stay Where You Are, a 3-some of Aces & Random & AL notes

John Lackey has just one question to the fine people of Red Sox Nation: "do you party?"

Have this many aces moved in one day before? Red Sox get Lackey, Phills get Doc Holiday, and Cliff Lee (Mr. Tuff Nuts of game 1 in the WS this year) is moving to Seattle. Monday was crazy.

Obviously the California Angles of Anaheim by way of Los Angeles must not be too thrilled  (sad rally monkey). I don’t think the Matsui signing will be what everyone is talking about by the infinity pool this morning (sad thunder sticks).

The Mets are also big losers in this shuffle with the Phils getting a pitcher who will mow down NL and the Sox taking the best pitcher off the FA market.

Its like the drinking game “asshole” where you have to give up your best cards to the President and Vice President. The Red Sox and Phillies are the Prez and Vice and the Mets and Angles are the asshole. They have to wear silly hats and get John Henry beer. The Sox and Phills can also make up rules… either this analogy has legs and I’m a genius or I just drink too much.

Seattle just got a whole lot better, and with the Red Sox all but out of the JBay sweepstakes Seattle might be a logical landing place for the best Canadian free agent. That would give the rainy city some power to go with their already impressive speed, defense, and newly acquired one-two punch of Lee and King Felix. They’ve got money and a hungry fan base that has never had a championship in any major sport. Look for Seattle to make some noise next year.

You have to think that this is just the beginning for the 2009/2010 off season as far as big moves are concerned. Bay and Holliday are yet to land and there are over 250 free agents on the move.  This is great, especially for us who love whatever is cooking on the hot stove.  With the CBA (collective Bargaining Agreement) up in 2011 things might a little different in years to come. If you think this is exciting, check out next years’ FA class.

Is it just me or does John Lackey look like Landfill from Beerfest?

[[Editor’s note to 33 Problems: The Venuist has been on top of this story for months.]]

Fortunately, when John Lackey's 'original' Landfill died in Beerfest, Landfill 2 (featured above) saved the squad

I get the ‘defense wins championships’ thing, but don’t you find Cameron’s 8.5 million per year a little nuts.  Boston media is all crazy about the two moves, but they pose as many questions as they answer. Are they going to trade Ellsbury along with Bucholtz for Adrien Gonzalez?  (If so, 33 Problems’ sister would literally move to San Diego and claim that she was a lifelong Padre’s fan.) Are they just going to platoon Hermida and Cameron? Really?


They’s something else going down. So much for that bridge year.

"Don't Cry for Me Minnesota"

Joe Mauer Needs to Stay Put:

You would think the Twins would become players in something soon if they want to keep Joe Mauer happy. [[Editors Note: See Cleveland Cavaliers, Lebron James.]]  Any contract the Twins could possible afford to give Mauer would be a require a hometown discount. No way the Twins are going to match what the yankees, Red Sox, or Mets would be willing to pay for his services.

The way to keep Mauer would be to sign or trade for a serious guy (JJ Hardy does not count) to show that they are willing to build around Joe, then to offer him a contract rich for the Twins (roughly 40,000 grand a year plus health insurance but no 401k matching).  This guy is from Minnesoooota. He grew up rooting for the Twins. This is the only leverage they have. Joe can make more money, a lot more if you include endorsements  (Accenture is looking), in a big East Coast Market. He’s also going to be a contender every year. The Twins can’t just punt like they did on Santana when they got fleeced by the Mets.

Mauer needs to stay in Minny because I like watching good baseball games with good players with some semblance or competitive balance.

Mauer needs to stay in Minny because he is the heart of a quality franchise was the only interesting thing about the end of the season last year.

Mauer needs to stay in Minny because it will give the AL Central a bona fide superstar.

But mostly Mauer needs to stay in Minny because it will serve as an example that players aren’t just in it for the money, that small market teams don’t just serve as a glorified farm team to the big guys in Boston and Philly and LA and New York. It will be something that we can all point to when we get cynical about this sport.  Stay put Joe. They’ll name a street after you.


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