Making Sense: Casey Kotchman

Sense & Sensibility

Looks like the Boston Red Sox have elected to retain Casey Kotchman’s services for the 2010 season.

For those following at home, The Venuist was shocked at the Boston Herald report from last week which speculated that the Sox would cut ties with a slick fielding 1st baseman with some potential pop in his bat since, based on the Lowell trade, that’s EXACTLY WHAT THEY WOULD BE LOOKING FOR ON THE OPEN MARKET.  We are reminded, again, why we should only read the Boston Herald for entertainment, and not for much legitimate analysis…

Only bummer, for Sox fans, is that they non-tendered OF utility piece Brian Anderson.  This is not a bummer considering the price which Mr. Anderson’s modest services would have come at, but rather, a TOTAL bummer considering how it seems to completely invalidate any remaining justification for having traded Mark Kotsay to the White Sox.  And considering the way this Boston club is presently constructed (i.e. without Matt Holliday, Jason Bay, or Ted Williams in left field), Kotsay could have found himself in the starting lineup in left field or first base a hell of lot this year.

Despite the due accolades for pulling off the V-Mart trade, Theo Epstein deserves some scrutiny for the Adam LaRouche/Kotsay/Brian Anderson exchanges which set it up.  Fair value, we would like to reiterate, seems to preoccupy the Red Sox brass a LOT more during free agent negotiations than it seems to for in-season trades.


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