The ‘East Coast Bias Report’ – 1st Ed. “Wait. What?”



East Coast Bias Alert!!!!! East Coast Bias Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that the winter meeting have come to a close and we can stop reading every mindless tweet out of Indy and focus on what teams in the AL look like they’re making steps forward (Mariners, yankees, Texas) and what teams appear to be attempting to regroup (Tigers). 33 Problems will have a more in depth look at the winter meeting and the new and bizarre coverage of them from our favorite media outlets over the weekend.  But first a quick discussion on this Mike Lowell trade and who the Red Sox think they are and what exactly they think they are doing.

This is obviously a guy that they’re going to move. He’s a hard hitting guy with tons of offensive upside but not a strong defensive presence behind the plate. If the sox are looking for a backup backup catcher defense will be the priority. They’re going to move him. Hopefully this season as a part of something sexy like Miggy C or Gonzalez or maybe down the line for something else.

You could see the writing on the wall that Lowell was going to go sooner rather than later. We all love Mikey Lowell, class guy, whatever. Remember, had Theo not disappeared for a few weeks in that monkey suit, Lowell would never even played a game as a Red Sox. We would have Hanley Ramirez as our SS and probably not that shinny WS ’07 ring (but why not ’08 or hell maybe ’09, who’s to say). Lowell was perhaps the worst base runner in the bigs last year. The Venuist and I would joke about how ’06 and ’07 Lowell would take away at least one double every game. Last year he gave a lot of those doubles back.  I know his injury was supposed to take last year to heal completely, but if you’re buying into this whole ‘bridge year’ thing you might want to get while the getting’s good and get yourself a nice chip to now.

Again, they’re going to move this guy.

from the Archives: a young Theo Epstein attends his first MLB "Winter Meetings" in 2002


Hell, if I’m Theo I make this move just to have a guy called Max-Ram on my club. Max-Ram! That might be the coolest first name/last name contraction things that A-Rod has made so popular. This move also was necessary if any of the big trade targets were to become possibilities. If you think the sox got the shaft picking up most of the 12 million left on Lowell’s contract, imagine making this same deal after just trading for Gonzalez or Miggy C.  We’d be lucky to get Texas’ water boy particularly because this off season is silly with quality 3rd basemen on the move. I know it stings  sox fans because the yankees got Granderson and we lost Lowell. Get over it.  With few exceptions (Damon being the biggest) Sox tend to make the right call on letting players go. Pedro, Manny, Nomar, Billy Mueller, Trot Nixon, all these guys were let go at the right time. The trick is to turn this into something and it better not just be Beltre.

More to come on the Winter Meeting winners and losers, why Joe Mauer needs to stay put, Strange Tweets, and why I might just climb a clock tower if the Sox commit years and money to Adrian Beltre.

Winter, 2005: Somewhere in Boston the Red Sox are trading Hanley Ramirez while Theo Epstein (pictured above) lays away to conteplate his future in this remote mountain shed...

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