Whoa. I learned Kung-Fu


If these walls could talk...


If anyone needs additional proof that we live in the future, you should peruse this wired.com post. Apparently, someone’s managed to figure out a way to read minds electronically.

A system that turns brain waves into FM radio signals and decodes them as sound is the first totally wireless brain-computer interface.

For now, 26-year-old Erik Ramsey, left almost entirely paralyzed by a horrific car accident 10 years ago, can only express vowel sounds with the system. That’s less than can be accomplished with wired brain-computer interfaces. But it’s still a promising step.

Which brings us that much closer to getting inside Bill Belichick’s head and figure out what the fuck he’s thinking when he doesn’t punt on the 4th.

Bill, he really gets into the, err, Celtics...

Read the whole thing here.

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