This Week in WTF???


all the news that's fit to...WTF???


This report just in from the Venuist WTF??? Wire

[Red Sox GM Theo] Epstein said the Sox are likely to non-tender one player by Saturday’s deadline. The GM wouldn’t reveal a name, but it is most likely first baseman Casey Kotchman, who made nearly $3 million in 2009. . . .


In order to get proper perspective on this report, T*V contacted our go-to “Irate Red Sox Fan” and “Smug Yankee Supporter” to get their reactions:

Irate Red Sox Fan:  So let me get this straight.  Let me get this effing straight.  Alright, so.  We sit back and watch as the Yanks make the kind of bold move WE NEED TO MAKE for a 30 home run guy by taking advantage of a fire sale in Detroit which IS NOW CLOSED BECAUSE THE YANKS MOVED FIRST and now we are gonna pay the Texas Rangers, the team that almost knocked us out of the playoffs – oh yeah, you haven’t heard about this? – to take Mikey Lowell so he can rake 25 home runs for a team that still needs a DH to replace Milton Bradley.  Oh, and now your telling me that on top of the idea that we are going give Adrian Beltre a 4 year deal out of the JBay/Matt Holliday piggy bank to do his best Edgar Renteria impression that we are going to non-tender a guy who has enough talent – and sure, that’s diminishing, but he’s got a great glove and potential still and he’s still young!! –  that someone traded Mark Teixera away to get only like, two years ago?  Jesus effing Christ!  WTF??? WTF???

Smug Yankee Supporter:  Mar-co! Scu-to-ro! Mar-co! Scu-to-ro!

Irate Red Sox Fan:  Stop it! Just stop it!  I can’t take this anymore!!!


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