NOT Derek Jeter, cont.


above: STILL not Derek Jeter


Interesting article this week on the state of the Red Sox infield.  Shaughnessy – of the Boston Globe, but sometimes, lately, of Sports Illustrated – writes of Boston’s long nightmare, err, search for stability at the position of short stop.  

Now, the other day the Venuist pointed out that while Orlando Cabrera seemed a suitable heir to the position in the wake of Nomar’s banishment from Bean Town, that he was likely let go for reasons still unknown to the public, i.e. Red Sox Nation.  Shaughnessy’s money quote:

Cabrera played well during his time in Boston, but the Sox never tried to keep him and floated rumors about “off field” issues.

So this raises the question if there is anyone (look, we can put you on the QT here, these are the internets and journalistic integrity means squat, if not less than squat) who knows what went down with old Orlando, please contact us at:

Maybe you were an intern fetching coffee for Jed Hoyer.  Maybe your 16 year old high school bff was dating John Henry on the side or your little brother the knucklehead just happened to know Manny’s dealer.  Maybe you were just a member of the crew who was hired to remodel the late, great, candle pin bowling alley underneath Fenway Park into Theo Epstein’s bat cave and just happened to overhear, or better, witness something.  Point is, we don’t care.  We’ll take your word for it.  Give us the scoop and we’ll personally deliver you a six pack of the beer of your choice.


One Response to “NOT Derek Jeter, cont.”
  1. Derek Jeter says:

    Im so glad the Yankees finally won another one!

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