World Series Hangover: Ruining the Venue of "Home"


Football plus Thanksgiving has been an American Tradition for nearly a century...but whereas most Americans roast a turkey in their home hearth every year, in Detroit City, dozens of lions are slaughtered...


Watching football on Thanksgiving Day is a pretty standard American exercise. And I’m on board with that. My family, being Philadelphia Eagles fans, doesn’t need much incentive to get together, drink beer, and collectively hate the Dallas Cowboys every 4th Thursday in November.

But it didn’t really happen this year. We stuffed ourselves and fell asleep. And I was on board with that, too.

Steven Segal and George Clooney star in "Once Upon a Thanksgiving" wherein a group of ragtag leatherheaded ballplayers and one, dramatic goal line stand are all that stands in the way of Darth Pilgrim and his evil scheme to steal the spirit of our nation's first and fairest holiday.


Come Sunday, we eventually got together to watch the Eagles play the Redskins. But, I had actually forgotten the game was on. I showed up in the middle of the 2nd quarter. And by the end of halftime, I was left alone watching it. Nobody cared.

The Eagles have had a less than electrifying first half of a season, but that’s never stopped me from watching and rooting in the past. So what’s different this year? Why can’t I bring myself to even bother remembering the damn game is on?!

I’m still hungover from the World Series. What else could it be? So many intense hours watching baseball in October and early November. Nerves chaffed and rubbed raw, only to eventually lose. It hurt. And yes, it still kinda stings.

I think it would’ve been easier to swallow if the Phillies had lost to the Dodgers, or, dare I say, not gone to the playoffs at all. The sense of satisfaction of the 2008 championship was still seething in the veins, we just couldn’t get it to last until all the way to November.

Damn Yankees.

Ladies and Gentlemen (well, maybe not exactly gentle-men), your 2009 World Series Champs!



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