The Haves, the Haves, and the Really-Haves


The Big Market with the Little Dream...Mr. Met prepares to make another yearly pilgrimage through the valley of the shadow of doubt...


[[Editors Note: our newest contributor, 33 Problems, brings to you his first post.  He’s a die-hard Boston fan, former dramatist and a master of disguise…and yes, we are working on running more pro-NYC fan articles, stay tuned!  Pray thee do enjoy!]]

Step right up and greet the mess.

Baseball teams are broken up into 3 distict categories, the Haves, the Have-Nots, and the Yankees.

The Haves are generally discribed as middle or larger market clubs like Philly, Boston, St. Louis, Chicago (notice anything about the order of those teams?).

The Have-Nots are smaller market teams or teams who’s owners only shell out enough to keep the team afloat like Pittsburgh, both Florida teams, Minny, Kansas City, et al.

And then you have the Yanks and their limitless payroll (two notes: 1. I don’t care if I’m writing a piece about Olympic Hockey I will find a way to take shots at the Yankees. 2. The day that the Yankees are out-bid for a player or don’t solve EVERY PROBLEM by throwing money at it they can be considered as a Have, until then you’re in your own catagory. Deal with it.)

When the Have-Nots win a title it is truly a great day in baseball, although besides ’03 I can’t think of a recent example. These are championships built on player devolopment, scouting, and maybe a savvy trade or two.  They are great but, to me, sadly uninteresting. Its like watching a bonzi tree grow.

The yankees are equally uninteresting for the opposite reason. This season is a perfect example. Here is an exerpt from a conversation last winter at a yankee front office meeting:

Executive #1: We need starting pitching and a firstbasemen.

Executive #2: I know! Lets sign Teixeria, Burrnett, and Sabathia.

Executive #1: Great idea!

Three contracts and enough money to feed millions of starving children in the third world later the yankees have their 27th title. Congrats. Booorrrrriiiiinnng, although in fairness the only entertaining games this postsease did have the yankees in them.

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