How to Go to the World Series for Free


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[[Editors Note: Please everyone welcome our newest contributor to Venuist, Mr. Spiral Flag.  For his debut feature, Venuist’s editorial staff – which is to say, yours truly – asked SF to write about his trip to Philly to watch his Phillies cough up a World Championship.  This is his true story 😉 – T*V]]

I was still on a NJ Transit train by the time the first of us got into Citizen’s Bank Park. And he didn’t spend a dime to do it. None of us would. By “us,” I mean Glen, Bryan, Lisa, Kevin, and me. We all grew up in a town about 30 minutes outside of Philly in South Jersey, and we are all pretty avid Phillies fans. It was Halloween night.

Kevin got a job with the Philadelphia Phillies at the start of their 2009 season. His job was to walk around the stadium taking pictures of fans and encouraging them to go to the team’s website to view and buy them. He was fired back in early August. (Or he quit, depending on who you ask.)

They neglected to ask for his employee’s ID card back when he left. So Kevin bided his time until the playoffs, and eventually the World Series came to town.

For games starting at 8:00, the park is open to employees starting at 4:00. They are supposed to “check in” sharply at that time. Ticket-holding fans are allowed in at around 6:00. Kevin checked in as if he’d never left. He made his way to the restrooms, careful to avoid the boss who had fired him. He sat in a stall reading the Philadelphia Enquirer until the gates were open to fans. At that point, he shuffled in as just another happy baseball fan at a World Series game.

Bryan got in even easier. To understand how, you have to understand that he is a poster child for people who believe in luck. I would call it Karma, but I think you need to do good in order accumulate good Karma. So I would just chalk it up to good old-fashioned luck.



...this asshole continues to attend Phillies World Series for Free...


For example, lets go back to the 2008 World Series. It was game 5. The really rainy one. Bryan was exploring the parking lots, looking for someone to sell him a decent ticket. In a puddle, by a curb, he spots an envelope. In the envelope are five 2008 World Series tickets to game 5 at Citizens Bank Park. He sold four of them and went in, $2000 richer. (This is absolutely true. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.)

So it didn’t exactly surprise me when he found $502 dollars in a bush by the front gate. I am not making this up. He found 2 hundreds, 2 singles, and rest were fifties. They were stashed inside a bush, scattered amongst its branches, as if growing like biblical manna. Why the hell anyone would hide money that way is beyond me. Perhaps it was counterfeit, and some guy tossed it to dispose of evidence. Maybe a four-year-old with no concept of the value of money was playing with daddy’s wallet. Who knows? What I do know is that Bryan bought a ticket with cash he found in a bush by the front gate of Citizen’s Bank Park.


lizard phillies hat

Spend your previous life incarnation as Brian did - see example above - and you'd find karma smiling upon you as well...

Glen’s method was risky, both for him and Kevin. After a while with no luck finding an un-ridiculous price for a ticket, Glen got a little desperate. He called Kevin on his cell and convinced him to meet him by a certain part of the gate, where, ninja-like, they handed off Kevin’s employee ID. Glen looks sort of like Kevin. Enough that it worked. Apparently, they didn’t really care too much that he was late for work. Once inside, Glen saw a group of employees filing up a set of stairs, and not wanting to stand out, followed them up. When he got the chance, he ducked into the first convenient side-door. Inside, he found 20 or so Philadelphia Police officers and stadium security guards eating in a cafeteria. He froze for a moment, and calmly walked to the buffet, made himself a bagel, and walked out. He was in.

Lisa and I ended up watching the first 5 innings in McFadden’s, the stadium bar. McFadden’s usually charges a $30 cover, but as luck would have it, they weren’t charging that night. I think it was due to the one-hour rain delay before the game. Most people without tickets just went home.

The bar also has an entrance to the stadium. Ticket holders are allowed to come and go as they please, As long as they stay in the bar. When you leave the park to enter the bar, they scan your ticket. They scan it again to let you back in. Anywhere else at the park they have a no-reentry policy.

As Lisa and I were entering, there was a homeless guy asking people if they were leaving the game, and if so, if he could have their stubs. I started thinking about his motivation for doing it. I decided his intention was probably to resell them to someone who doesn’t realize the ticket’s already been scanned.

But, I thought, if you could get someone to give you his ticket that left the game through McFadden’s, you could potentially re-enter through McFadden’s and get into the game. I couldn’t believe a loophole like that could exist. But apparently it does.

Lisa, being easy on the eyes, was able to score a ticket from a fair-weather Phillies fan leaving the game from McFadden’s. It was the top of the 5th, and the Yankees just scored 3 runs.

So Lisa got her ticket scanned and got in to see the final innings. And I was left in the bar to watch my team lose with the rest of the outsiders. But at least I got into McFadden’s for free. – S*F




Coming soon to Citizens Bank Park: "McSadden's"...oh!




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